AG Catering – vending machines

AG Catering – vending machines

We offer vending machines (Dual and Automatics) for snacks and cold drinks. They are characterized by modern design and high aesthetics.

Vending machines allow 24-hour access to food and drinks.

We provide:

– free installation and service
– systematic stocking up
– beneficial conditions of a contract
– taking responsibility for possible damage
– wide range of Mars, Snickers, 7 Days, Coca-Cola, Cherry Coke, crackers, soups, cakes and many others
– configuration according to the customer’s needs – the ability to get the products by cash (coins) and non-cash (settlement on the basis of sales counters) or mixed (partial payment of the employer).

The offer includes also Coffee Vending Machines for hot drinks made out of whole coffee beans and instant coffee. In addition, we can change the color of the machines, so that they meet the expectations of the client or their place of destination.